Defensible Space

The fire-resistant home is coming to California, and here’s what it looks like

Howard and his wife, Merritt, are now rebuilding in a way to avoid a repeat of the disaster. They’re part of a small yet growing number of people building homes with a design and materials to resist fire. The Boosters’ new home will have a metal roof and and it won’t have an attic or soffit vents. Napa-based architect Brendan Kelly says it will be “impregnable” using pre-fabricated steel framing wrapped in noncombustible insulation from Canada-based homebuilding company BONE Structure.

Home design and retrofitting techniques for wildfire defense

California Fire Science Consortium In the 2017 fires, homes were the most combustible part of the landscape (frequently trees in the yard survived the fire, but the home burned). Embers come in two forms, vegetation and construction material fragments. What can be controlled in a fire? Fuel arrangement and availability. Defensible space includes zones, 1= …

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