Current SFC Needs

Help Build the SFC SafetyNet For Early Notices

While the Gates areas are well represented, we have few individuals registered in the SafetyNet from Brooktrails area and other Sherwood Road Corridor properties. We work hard to maintain your privacy and do not share any personal information with any other organization or persons. Please join our team as a neighborhood coordinator to help build more fire resilient neighborhoods and share resources and build SafetyNet communication.

SFC Positions Unfilled

SFC is making good progress with just a few volunteers, however we need additional help. Specifically we need individuals to join the scanner team, to be Neighborhood coordinators, and to be the lead coordinator on the emergency prep working group. We also need volunteers in the following areas.

  • Communication Team
  • Emergency Preparedness and Safety Team
  • Scanner Team
  • Website maintenance and data input
  • Planning & Funding

Neighborhood Work Parties

Many of our residents are older or might have special needs. Becoming aware of your neighbors helps all. Equipment such as chippers or trucks, and people to use them makes all areas safer from fire. Join SFC and learn what resources might be available for your neighborhood or inspections that might make your residence more fire safe.

Neighbors working together to create a safer community