Burn Days

Suggested ABCs for those new at burning vegetation:Call county air quality to see if it’s a burn day, if it’s windy, DO NOT BURN! If it is safe to burn, create cleared space around your pile, wet it down with hose, make small piles of vegetation, have a hose with water already on and a metal rake. Start your small pile. Keep flames low. Do not leave pile unattended! Only add to it with awareness it needs to burn itself out by legal burn limit. After it’s done e burning, thoroughly wet the embers….and then do it again. Break any charred pieces and rewet. Once everything has cooled down, with NO hot coals, you can take a break. Then come back and check it again. Here’s a photo of our burn pile from Saturday’s burn. We checked it Saturday night and Sunday. The only thing left is cold ash.LikeComment

May be a closeup