Sherwood Firewise SafetyNet Terms and Conditions

Registering with SafetyNet requires that all adults agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

Sherwood Firewise SafetyNet (SafetyNet) is a volunteer organization that provides subscribers (you) to SafetyNet with notification services of incidents identified as critical to safety in or adjacent to the Sherwood Road Corridor in Mendocino County, California . We are a group of volunteers that will ascertain if an incident in the Sherwood Road Corridor could affect public safety. Our intention is to give subscribers early warning of these incidents in the form of notification by text, phone, or email. We do not assume responsibility for your safety and encourage you to additionally sign up for all county emergency services that pertain to your area. To use the Services you must be 18 or over years of age, have a phone number, and have a relationship with property on the Sherwood Road Corridor. That relationship includes renting a home in the corridor, owning property or a home in the corridor, or having an association with, such as working in the corridor.

Our responsibilities for Privacy & Service are:

  • We will notify you as early as possible of a public safety incident in the Sherwood Road Corridor by text, phone, or email.
  • To respect and protect your privacy and not release or sell any of your personal information for profit or superficial reasons.
  • To maintain your information on a secure website.
  • To share your information only on a need to know basis. That basis includes SafetyNet administrative functions to maintain the information and when requested by emergency personnel and SafetyNet designated representatives in response to the critical situations, and to protect the safety of others.
  • SafetyNet utilizes third party call services to provide notification. We endeavor to utilize services that will not sell or profit from your contact information. They will only receive the minimum of information necessary to notify you. We will post on our website a link to the third party’s privacy policy.

Your responsibilities are:

  • The well being of you and your associates and the condition of your property before and after a public safety incident.
  • To sign up for county notification services and to understand that SafetyNet serves is a secondary notification service.
  • To initially give and maintain accurate, complete, and current information contact information.
  • To maintain the privacy of your account access. If you share your account access with another person you are responsible for any modifications or information that is applied to your account.
  • To understand that all adults who wish to have this service are responsible for setting up their own personal account.
  • To inform SafetyNet if your password or private information has been breached.
  • To utilize the SafetyNet contact information we supply solely for communication regarding your account and our services.

By signing this agreement when you register online, you agree:

  • To hold SafetyNet harmless from liability, risk, and physical damage to self or property.
  • That you understand SafetyNet is a volunteer organization that will notify you as early as possible of a public safety incident in the Sherwood Road Corridor.
  • That the notification is not a prescription for you to act, but simply information that you may choose to act upon.
  • That you will hold SafetyNet harmless for any situation where you did not receive notification or timely notification.
  • In summary by signing this agreement, you are stating that you are responsible for your environment, your risks, and your safety, and that you understand that SafetyNet is a volunteer effort to notify you and is not responsible for you and your associates’ safety and well being and your property’s condition.