SFC members’ home hardening activities that qualify for matching funds from Firewise USA grants

Did you know that each hour of labor you or others spend home hardening your property equates to $28.54/hour of in-kind labor?

Any time or money you spend on your home and/or surrounding property for the purpose of reducing the probability of wildfire loss can be used to qualify for matching grants from Firewise USA. Examples of activities that will qualify related to homes and outbuildings are: removing trees, brush, or grass from around your structures; cleaning gutters of pine needles and other debris; cleaning the roof and clearing anything flammable from within three feet of the base of the structure; removing tree limbs less than six-ten feet from the ground around structures; replacing a shake-shingle roof with a non-flammable alternative.

The following volunteer activities will also qualify for Firewise matching funds: attending SFC Board meetings, SFC general meetings, SFC community events; and family preparations for wildfire.

Log your home hardening activities and/or costs in the form below:

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