Sherwood Firewise

Drone Footage Of The Cameron Peak Fire, Loveland, CO – 10/14/2020

The Cameron Peak Fire has exploded today with 60-80 mph winds, multiple structures have been lost, and the fire is moving uncontrolled South and East of the Southern edge of the fire. This is video from a DJI Mavic 2 Pro outside of the temporary flight restriction area from the city limits of Loveland, CO approximately 1 PM October 14th.

Video pans around to show the huge smoke cloud covering most of Northern Colorado today.

The fire-resistant home is coming to California, and here’s what it looks like

Howard and his wife, Merritt, are now rebuilding in a way to avoid a repeat of the disaster. They’re part of a small yet growing number of people building homes with a design and materials to resist fire. The Boosters’ new home will have a metal roof and and it won’t have an attic or soffit vents. Napa-based architect Brendan Kelly says it will be “impregnable” using pre-fabricated steel framing wrapped in noncombustible insulation from Canada-based homebuilding company BONE Structure.