Evacuation Routes

The Mendocino County Sheriffs Office is responsible for all evacuation notices. Become familiar with the different type of evacuation notices. Currently the plan is for Sherwood Corridor residents to exit out Sherwood Road. Both lanes of Sherwood Road would be available heading towards Willits. However, depending on where a fire starts, and wind direction, there could be other instructions from the Sheriffs Office. SFC recommends that all residents along Sherwood Road become familiar with Sherwood Road North to Laytonville, large and open fields in their area, and other places that might provide some safety if evacuation is complicated and difficult. Sherwood Road to Ft. Bragg is difficult to drive, even for a 4-wheel drive and may prove to be impassible depending on conditions.

Fires may strike at night, when you are away from home, etc. Create an evacuation plan with your family to address various situations.

Local authorities and SFC are currently working on developing additional emergency exits.

Note: All residents should register with the Mendocino County Sheriffs office to receive evacuation notices.

Neighbors working together to create a safer community