Incident Warnings and Communications

Evacuation Warnings by Mendocino County Sheriff & Office of Emergency Services

Evacuation warnings are given by the Mendocino County Sheriff Office by registering for the Nixle system (text only) and the Everbridge system (voice and text). It is vital that all residents sign up for both of these notification systems. Register for Nixle on a cell phone by texting 95490 to 888777 or online at For Everbridge go to and click the Emergency Alert System link. Various other warning systems, including sirens and fire webcams, are under consideration by Mendocino County and Fire Departments. All family members should become familiar with the different types of evacuation notices and communication options prior to an emergency.

It is Important That Individuals are Familiar With the Following Terms:


Fire is expected to arrive in less than 1 hour, with threat to civilian life. Evacuate immediately, do not delay to gather belongs or prepare your home.


Fire is expected to arrive in 2 hours or more, with threat to civilian life. Evacuate as soon as possible. A short delay to gather your evacuation kit and prepare your home (see Evacuation Checklist) may be ok.


Community members should stay secured in current location. Sheltering in place may be used when evacuation would be a greater threat to life.

The following Face Book pages frequently post fire and other safety related incidents. You do not need to be a member of Face Book to access these links.

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Sherwood Firewise Communities Incident Notification

SFC is creating the SafetyNet system for early notice of incidents that may affect residents living along the Sherwood Corridor. A scanner team will activate notices of verifiable incidents that may impact public safety. SFC hopes to have this system operational by June 2019. Residents must download the following form to register for this system. You can choose the level of incident risk as well as notice by text, email or phone. Each adult person in a household must register individually. Scan and email to or mail back to SFC.

All information gathered by SFC is confidential, and will not be shared with any other party. It is for the warning system only. You can opt out of SafetyNet at any time.

Neighbors working together to create a safer community