What is SafetyNet?

SafetyNet was created by Sherwood Firewise Communities (SFC) to give Subscribers notification of fire and other incidents in or adjacent to the Sherwood Road Corridor. 

How does SafetyNet work?

Think of SafetyNet as a 21st Century Phone Tree with Roots, Trunk, Branches, and Leaves. The Roots are SFC Volunteers at the base of the system monitoring current incident information reported on scanners and through neighborhood lookouts. The Roots report the incident information to the SafetyNet Incident Log for all Roots and Trunk representatives to be informed. Once an incident is confirmed, the SafetyNet Mass Notification System sends a message to the Neighborhood Coordinators and SafetyNet Subscribers. The Trunk includes SafetyNet Representatives from each Subdivision, the Branches are the Neighborhood Coordinators that work with a group of Residents / Subscribers – the Leaves. The mass notification system provides voice, text-to-speech, text-to-cell and email messaging as specified by each Subscriber.

How do I become a SafetyNet Subscriber?

Each household adult needs to complete the front and back of the form called “Contact Information for SFC SafetyNet” to register for SafetyNet. Some individuals have completed the first generation of this form, but we need everyone to complete this new form which allows subscribers to indicate their preference for notification and sign the SFC SafetyNet Terms of Service. The updated form clearly states the Subscribers responsibilities and SFC responsibilities for privacy and service. These forms can be downloaded from, obtained at SFC monthly meetings, or by email request at Hard copies of these forms should be returned to Sherwood Firewise Communities, 75 N Main Street, PMB 234, Willits, CA 95490 or at the SFC monthly meetings.

Why can I only be notified one way in an emergency?

SafetyNet is designed as an incident notification system relaying information to subscribers. Once an incident notification is made, Subscribers can contact Neighborhood Coordinators and Subdivision Representatives as needed and updates will be provided through the Mass Notification System as needed until the incident is closed. 

Where can I get more information once I receive a notification?

Do not call Cal Fire or 911 unless you have emergency information to report. There are several internet sites that will have local information, especially Facebook pages, that you should have handy, as well as local radio stations. Visit for local resources for fire information. Know your neighbors, share facts, not rumors. 

Will I get a notice from the Sheriff’s system?

The Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services (OES) is responsible for issuing official notifications regarding evacuation. SafetyNet provides information to Subscribers by relaying official incident notifications as they are broadcast. However, SafetyNet is NOT A REPLACEMENT for the OES Evacuation Notices and Subscribers need to register with all OES emergency alert services.

How do I know when to evacuate?

The Sheriff’s OES will notify you when to prepare for and when to evacuate. However, if you are concerned or have special needs, you can always pre-evacuate.

How do I know how or where to evacuate? 

In a dangerous situation the Sheriff’s OES and local fire departments are responsible for evacuation timing and routes. However, if you feel you should leave, do so. You don’t wait for an evacuation notice. 

What do I do if the power, cell towers and phones go out? 

SFC recommends that you always have a battery powered radio, supplies, and emergency plans made ahead of time with your family and neighbors. Sherwood Firewise Communities has monthly meetings the 2nd Thursday of each month from 6-8 at the Brooktrails Community Center. Learn about resources, communication and the most up to date information on emergency planning and home preparation. Become a SFC Neighborhood Coordinator if your street does not already have one.