Sherwood Firewise is looking for data on fallen vegetation

Sherwood Firewise Communities
Looking for help in assessing storm related vegetation issues
  The devastating snowstorm of January 26 created several dangerous situations in the Sherwood Corridor. Even after the initial storm and snow subsided, we were left with thousands of trees and other vegetation that were brought down, blocking roads and driveways, and creating extreme fire hazards.

We are looking for help in assessing the amount and location of these hazards and would like your assistance in creating a database of the property addresses which need work done to clear the 100′ defensible space around structures. With this information, Sherwood Firewise along with several other agencies, is going to recruit volunteer assistance and apply for grants in order to hire work crews to clear the vegetation before the coming fire season.

Please send us your property address and a brief description of the work that is needed. A picture is helpful. We would like to know the approximate number of trees that are down and the estimated amount of work to remedy the situation on your property, or on adjacent properties.

Please include your name, property address, email and phone number (phone optional). Email to

Thank you for your help!